The Erasmus+ toolkit for Project Managers is designed to provide resources for the organisations involved in the Erasmus+ programme.

Use of the elements provided in the toolkit is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Terms and conditions of use
    1. The toolkit or one of its components may be used only if:
      • In the options where information is provided, you accept that is only public information about the projects and about the organisations.
      • In the services where you need to be identified, you are free to use a real or not a real email, but if the system asks you for validation, you will not be able to complete the procedure and your data will be discarted if the email does not exist.
      • You cannot be a candidate for any of the proposals if you are registered with a not valid email.
    2. If you use the toolkit in the way that can vulnerate the rights of the other users, you can be blocked.
    3. This platform and toolkit have not received any external funds.
    4. In the Profile option you decide if you want to receive emails from this platform about proposals, new services, etc, …
  2. Legal responsibility
  3. Any user that intends to use the toolkit or elements of it may do so on his/her own legal responsibility. The users will be liable for any abusive use and possible harm following from such use under the laws of the Member States or any third country applicable to them.

  4. Right to pursue any abuse
  5. The owner reserves the right to pursue on his/her own initiative or on the request of third parties.